7. December 2022

bitvestment, How Does It Work?
bitvestment claims that its platform uses AI-driven trading algorithms. This technology is becoming increasingly popular in the traditional financial markets. Thus, it is natural that it is being adopted by the burgeoning crypto market.

Basically, an algorithm performs an analysis of the markets to identify trading opportunities. Its advantage is that it can be very fast, as machines can process information faster than humans, allowing them to find opportunities in multiple markets simultaneously. In addition, AI systems help mine other data that can then be used for fundamental analysis.

Combined, the entire system becomes more accurate than a simple trading algorithm that uses only technical analysis. AI systems are then integrated with trading platforms so that orders are automatically transmitted to the broker without your intervention. And because the algorithms are fast, it is possible to make a large number of trades in a day’s trading.

While bitvestment provides trading software, the platform is not a broker. That is why it has partnered with brokers that offer cryptocurrency CFDs. Thus, the brokers provide access to the market while bitvestment provides the trading program.

Main Features of bitvestment

There are several reasons why bitvestment attracts the attention of investors. The 5 most important ones are the following.

1 – Promised (but unverified) High Returns
All traders want to increase their profitability and bitvestment promises up to 180% return on investment on a daily basis. This super performance is only possible because the platform relies on AI-driven algorithms that can potentially do better than a human trader.


2 – A Fast Execution System

algorithmic trading robot immediate bitcoinComputer programs are simply faster and more accurate than human traders. And also, a human can be subject to biases and emotions that affect their trading, and therefore make a bad decision.

Trading robots, on the other hand, are faster at making decisions. While it may take you minutes or hours to find a trading opportunity after analysis, an algorithm can do so in seconds.

For example, bitvestment’s program can make up to 15 trades in a minute. And because it never rests, it continues to run 24/7, just like the cryptocurrency market.